Masoor dal dosa

This is my 13th dosa variety and I am happy to add this delicious dosa to the collection. You can check all my dosa recipes here.

I got this wonderful recipe from a dear friend Priya R Shenoy many years back. We loved it so much that I buy Masoor dal only to make this dosa. Also since there is no rice in this dosa, it is perfect for people who want to avoid carbs and follow a high protein diet.

You can make dosas as soon as you grind the batter or ferment the batter overnight. Both ways the dosa tastes very good. Hope you all try and like it too. Happy and healthy cooking!



1 Cup Masoor dal (the split orange variety)

1/2 Cup Urad dal

1 inch Ginger piece

1/2 tsp Peppercorns (optional)

Salt to taste

Oil or ghee to cook the dosa

Step by step recipe:

1. Wash well and soak urad dal and masoor dal together for about 4 hours.

2. Add the soaked and drained dal in mixer grinder and grind to a smooth paste.

3. Now add ginger, peppercorns and salt. Grind to a smooth paste and pour into a large bowl.

4. Now you can prepare dosas instantly. Heat a tawa and add a ladle full of batter in a circle.

5. Cover and cook till the surface cooks and the underside turns brown.

Serve hot with a chutney of your choice!


This dosa requires no fermentation but I do ferment it overnight if I am making for breakfast the next day. It increases the nutritional content of the dosa.


7 thoughts on “Masoor dal dosa”

  1. Hi thanks for this dosa recipe will try it out.
    Since you said you keep this overnight to ferment does the batter ferment and rise up like normal Idli rice urad dal batter ?
    Pls reply


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