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Collection of “no rice” dosa recipes

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My regular readers know how much my kids love dosas. So much that anyday you come to my home, you will find dosa batter ready, either fermenting or in the fridge (and if you don’t find it, don’t worry, I can magically make some instant dosas for you too 😍). It is also very handy for those sudden hunger demands by the kids, especially my son who feels very hungry after his evening nap and says, “Amma, bobbo jayi.” (I want dosa in baby Konkani 🀩)

We have a little game after he wakes up where he being held in my arms, shows me the way to the kitchen and points to what he wants to eat. I purposely do a little wiggly kind of walk (the never growing child in me πŸ˜…) to make him laugh and that brightens him up. Then it finally ends in him pointing to dosa batter bowl. So I always have any one variety of dosa batter ready for him (my little “bobbo” lover boy ❀️).

My readers also love the dosa recipes that I post and always request for more “no rice” dosa recipes. So I decided to finally compile all my dosas which don’t contain rice and I was surprised to find that I had so many of them. This is one compilation I enjoyed making as it was like playing treasure hunt with my blog. πŸ˜‚ Hunting dosa recipes without rice which is indeed no less a treasure for my readers requesting for it (sorry for the poor joke 😬).

Anyhow, hope this is useful to all of you. Happy and healthy cooking! Enjoy dosa making! (That rhymed!) πŸ˜„

Instant “no rice” Dosas/ Bhakris:

1. Rava Bhakri/ Instant Semolina dosas: These are one of the oldest variety of Konkani breakfasts and my family favorite too. If I forget to soak for regular dosas, Rava Bhakri it is for breakfast the next day. Also makes for a quick snack option. Tastes oh so heavenly with butter. ❀️

Recipe here: Rava Bhakri/ Instant Semolina dosas

2. Instant Cucumber dosas: This is a variation to rava bhakri with the addition of grated cucumbers which makes it even aromatic and healthy along with being super delicious. When I have to finish off those leftover cucumbers, I make these dosas.

Recipe here: Instant Cucumber dosas

3. Eggless Tomato Omelette: Being from a vegetarian family, the only Omelette we knew as a kid was this eggless Tomato Omelette which Amma made with loads of love. She always made sure I got the omelette with the maximum number of tomato pieces in it. 😍

Recipe here: Eggless Tomato Omelette

4. Instant Oats Vegetable Bhakri: This is our favorite evening snack and is super filling too. Best way to get oats and veggies in our diet. Add loads of green chillies and coriander leaves. Tastes super yummy with butter and simple coconut chutney. ❀️

Recipe here: Instant Oats Vegetable Bhakri

5. Instant Oats Poha dosas: A soft yet delicious dosa which can be made instantly yet tastes like regular dosas. Awesome combination with sambar making it a complete meal in itself.

Recipe here: Instant Oats Poha dosas

6. Instant Jowar Vegetable Bhakri: These Bhakris contain a mix of radish, carrots, cucumbers along with Jowar flour but still comes out so tasty. A very healthy and filling evening snack that I make always. You can make them as thalipeet too.

Recipe here: Instant Jowar Vegetable Bhakri

Dosas which don’t need fermentation:

1. Moong sprouts and Oats dosas: My kids don’t eat sprouts as it is, so this is my way to include sprouts in their diet in their favorite way, the dosa way! πŸ˜„ The way our brain works overtime in motherhood. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Turns out so delicious too! No fermentation required makes it very easy too.

Recipe here: Moong sprouts and Oats dosas

2. Masoor dal dosas: One of the most tried and loved recipe by my readers. Try masala dosa with this and it tastes amazing. ❀️

Recipe here: Masoor dal dosas

“No rice” Dosas with millet flours:

1. Ragi Set Dosas: A dosa that I make atleast weekly once to include the wonder millet, Ragi in our diet. Turns out so soft and delicious. My daughter calls it “chocolate” dosas since she was a baby and even now at almost 6 years. 😍

Recipe here: Ragi Set Dosas

2. Urad – Jowar flour dosas: I feel this is the best way to include Jowar flour in our diet. Yet another weekly once breakfast in my house as kids love it. Kids food preferences rule in my house. πŸ˜€

Recipe here: Urad – Jowar flour dosas

“No rice” dosas with Whole Millets

1. Bajra Moong dal dosa: This is the crispiest dosa that I have ever made and you can never say it does not have rice in it. Also combines the goodness of Bajra with moong dal.

Recipe here: Bajra Moong dal dosa

2. Little Millet dosa: A very healthy yet tasty dosa with Little millet. Great idea to include this variety of millet in your diet.

Recipe here: Little Millet dosa

Other “no rice” dosa recipes:

1. Oats mixed dal dosas: A dosa for which I have got many compliments from readers for making them so evenly and also for the gorgeous colour. One of my readers have even commented that it looks machine made and there’s magic in my hands that it has been crafted to perfection. πŸ˜€ So these dosas are indeed very special for me. ❀️

Recipe here: Oats mixed dal dosas

2. Broken wheat Mixed dal dosas: These are one of my recent additions on the blog but tried and loved by so many of my readers. They loved how healthy yet tasty it turns out without missing rice in the dosa at all.

Recipe: Broken wheat Mixed dal dosas

3. Urad whole moong dosas: These are my favorite because I can make both idlis and dosas with this batter. Also a great way to include whole moong in my kids’ diet as they don’t eat moong as it is.

Recipe here: Urad whole moong dosas

4. Urad wheat flour dosas: This was my last recipe that I posted on the blog. Learnt it from my friend Vinanti and have turned out to be my kids’ favorite. They eat more dosas (touchwood!) when I make them. I absolutely love the gorgeous colour that it turns out. ❀️

Recipe here: Urad wheat flour dosas

5. Barley Urad dosas: These dosas are so soft and delicious, you could never say it has the healthy Barley grain in it. One of the most regularly made dosas in my house lately.

Recipe here: Barley Urad dosas

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Broken wheat & mixed dals dosa | No rice dosa

One more dosa addition to my Dosa corner page. This one is for those who want to reduce rice in their diet but still want to enjoy dosas. I have posted many “no rice” dosas and idlis before and they have been a hit with my readers especially this Masoor dal dosa and these Ragi Urad idlis.

My main reason to make these dosas is for protein in our diet as we are vegetarians. In this form, all kinds of lentils are included and we don’t even realise it. My kids love dosas and it makes things so much easier for me.

I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day and these dosas are so filling that it keeps us full for a long time. It’s very important to have a healthy and filling breakfast so that we don’t keep snacking often.

Hope you all try and love these dosas too. Happy and healthy cooking!


Ingredients: {Makes about 15 dosas}

2 Cups Mixed dals (I took half Cup each of Urad dal, moong dal, Masoor dal and toor dal)

1 Cup Broken wheat/ Daliya / Gonva khan

Salt to taste

Ghee or oil while cooking the dosa

Step by step recipe:

1. Wash well and soak the broken wheat along with mixed dals for atleast 4 hours.

2. Drain the soaked dal and add into a mixer.

3. Grind into a fine paste. Pour into a large steel vessel. Add salt and mix well with hands.

4. Ferment overnight or for 6 to 8 hours.

See how well the batter ferments 😍

5. Heat a dosa pan and pour a ladle of dosa batter. Spread into a thin dosa. Drizzle ghee or oil and cook till it turns crisp.

6. Remove and serve hot with a chutney of your choice.


* Leftover batter can be refrigerated and used later.

* This dosa actually does not need fermentation but I love fermenting the batter as it becomes more healthy and also tastes really delicious.

* If you don’t like the fermented batter smell, then don’t ferment this dosa batter for more than 8 hours during summers. Even 4 to 6 hours is sufficient for regular fermentation.

* You can use any variety of mixed dals but don’t skip Urad dal if possible as it gives a good texture to the dosa.

* This dosa turns super crisp if you make it thin and cook longer. My kids love it that way.

* I have served it with coriander leaves chutney. For the chutney, I grind coconut with ginger, green chillies, coriander leaves, salt, little tamarind with water to a smooth paste. This chutney does not require seasoning.

Masoor dal dosa

This is my 13th dosa variety and I am happy to add this delicious dosa to the collection. You can check all my dosa recipes here.

I got this wonderful recipe from a dear friend Priya R Shenoy many years back. We loved it so much that I buy Masoor dal only to make this dosa. Also since there is no rice in this dosa, it is perfect for people who want to avoid carbs and follow a high protein diet.

You can make dosas as soon as you grind the batter or ferment the batter overnight. Both ways the dosa tastes very good. Hope you all try and like it too. Happy and healthy cooking!



1 Cup Masoor dal (the split orange variety)

1/2 Cup Urad dal

1 inch Ginger piece

1/2 tsp Peppercorns (optional)

Salt to taste

Oil or ghee to cook the dosa

Step by step recipe:

1. Wash well and soak urad dal and masoor dal together for about 4 hours.

2. Add the soaked and drained dal in mixer grinder and grind to a smooth paste.

3. Now add ginger, peppercorns and salt. Grind to a smooth paste and pour into a large bowl.

4. Now you can prepare dosas instantly. Heat a tawa and add a ladle full of batter in a circle.

5. Cover and cook till the surface cooks and the underside turns brown.

Serve hot with a chutney of your choice!


This dosa requires no fermentation but I do ferment it overnight if I am making for breakfast the next day. It increases the nutritional content of the dosa.