Instant Oats Poha dosa

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Motherhood means you spend hours in the kitchen cooking something special for kids only for the kids to be making a face at it and demanding something else. πŸ˜… I am sure all mothers will agree with me that this has happened atleast once with them.

In my house, there is a constant demand for dosas. My toddler who barely knows few words can say Bobbo which means dosa in baby Konkani language. I usually keep dosa batter ready for such times but there are some days when the batter gets over.

This Instant Poha Oats dosa was invented on one such day and is a keeper for me when I need to give in to dosa demands by the kids instantly. Sharing the recipe as my kids love it. Hope you all try and love it too. Though there is no comparison to regular dosas in terms of taste, still the best you can achieve during times when you need to make something quickly.

Happy and healthy cooking!


Ingredients: { Makes about 10 dosas}

2 Cups Semolina/ Rava/ Sooji

1/2 Cup Instant Oats

1/2 Cup thin or thick Poha/flattened rice

3 Tbsp Curd/ Yogurt

Salt to taste

2 1/2 Cups water to make the batter

Ghee to cook the dosa

Step by step recipe:

1. Take semolina, oats, Poha in a blender.

2. Grind using water to a fine paste.

3. Add curd and salt. Grind to a smooth paste.

4. Batter is ready to use.

5. Heat a pan and when medium hot, spread the batter into a circle.

Note: If the pan is very hot, you won’t be able to spread this dosa. So keep the flame medium hot while spreading.

6. Cover and cook the dosa till done.

7. Now drizzle ghee. Flip and cook for few seconds till done.

Serve with chutney of your choice.


* This dosa tastes the best when cooked with ghee.

* You can keep the batter at room temperature for couple of hours if you have time.

* This dosa turns out soft in texture but you can cook a little while longer if you like it crispy.

* Although it does not taste like regular dosa, it is the closest in taste to it and that too instant to make along with being healthy.

* My kids love this dosa with sambar.

Click on the image to Pin the recipe on Pinterest


10 thoughts on “Instant Oats Poha dosa”

  1. Tried it today. They were amazing. My kids loved it 😊
    I added adrak lasan paste, methi seeds powder, hingh, coriander leaves and green chillies!


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