No bake Mango cheesecake bowls | Eggless , No Gelatin, No agar agar

Here is the easiest cheesecake ever and definitely the tastiest too since it has mango in it. How can anything with mango not taste delicious?

Btw did you notice those hands holding the cheesecake? It is my husband’s and it is his photography too. I am very bad at pictures such as this and he helps me by clicking such unique captures.

I make Chocolate cheesecake well and he wanted me to make a mango version of it to see how it will come out. Even though I was hesitant as I was unsure whether it will set or not but it set so beautifully and tasted so yummy that we had a great time enjoying it for our weekend dessert (though we could not move out of our couch after that 😂).

But I guess some days are meant to be like that. To enjoy such sinful desserts just for a wonderful change from being health conscious always. Hope you all try and love it too. Happy cooking!



For the biscuit base:

100 grams Digestive biscuits (I used 8 McVities biscuits)

2 Tbsp Butter

For the cheesecake layer:

225 grams Cream cheese (can be substituted with hung curd)*check notes

1 tin sweetened condensed milk (397 grams)

1/3 Cup Lemon juice

2/3 Cup Mango pulp (fresh or canned)

For the mango topping:

About 1/2 Cup Mango pulp, fresh mango pieces and mint leaves

Step by step recipe:

1. Powder the biscuits to a fine powder using a mixer or just add to a ziplock pouch and use a rolling pin to powder the biscuits. (My 5 year old daughter did this for me 😉)

2. Melt butter in a bowl and add this biscuit powder to it. Mix well.

3. Put it in bowls to set as shown. Just a thin layer will do. Keep for refrigeration for 10 to 15 mins.

4. Meanwhile let us get the cheesecake layer ready. Whisk cream cheese till creamy just to remove lumps. No need to whisk a lot.

Note: You can also use hung curd instead of cream cheese. Whisk till smooth.

5. Add condensed milk. Whisk to mix well. Add lemon juice. Whisk again.

6. Now add mango pulp. Whisk again just to mix well.

7. Now remove the set biscuit mixture from the fridge. Add a layer of this cheesecake mixture evenly. Level using spatula.

8. Refrigerate for atleast 12 hours or overnight. (*Check notes) I usually set for one day or about 20 hours. See how well it sets then.

9. Now layer with mango pulp and serve chilled.


* If you have time, refrigerate after adding the last mango pulp layer too. Else it’s okay as the last layer does not set anyhow.

* You can skip the last mango layer too if you don’t like cheesecakes very sweet.

* I usually make this a day ahead and refrigerate for 24 hours so that the cheesecake layer sets well. Then add mango pulp and refrigerate for another hour before serving.

* Lemon juice is an important ingredient for the cheesecake to set. So please don’t skip it.

* The benefit of serving in individual bowls is that you can save yourself the hassle of cutting into slices and enjoy your own cheesecake portion from a bowl.

* If you want to make a large cheesecake, double the measurements that I mentioned above, set it in a cheesecake pan and refrigerate for atleast 24 hours for the cheesecake to set. Remember that the mango pulp layer does not set. It’s just for flavour.

* My readers have successfully replaced cream cheese with hung curd in the Chocolate cheesecake recipe. So it definitely works if cream cheese is not available and you are setting in individual bowls or glasses.

* For making hung curd, just keep a clean handkerchief or muslin cloth over a large sieve and add curd over it. Tie the cloth tightly and remove excess water. Now keep a heavy weight over it and keep it to rest in the fridge overnight till the curd becomes thick and all water drips in the bowl beneath it. The water can be used in gravies or chapati dough and hung curd can be used to make this cheesecake.

* I have used Mother’s recipe sweetened mango pulp. You can use fresh mango pulp too. Just make sure you blend well and the strands of mango are not in the pulp.

I have tried to note down as much points as possible so that it’s easy for you all to follow but if you still have any doubts, either comment here or message me on my Facebook page Healthy cooking with mitha or on my Instagram handle and I would be happy to help.


2 thoughts on “No bake Mango cheesecake bowls | Eggless , No Gelatin, No agar agar”

  1. Hi… your cheesecake recipe is a wonderful one… but one thing which struck my mind is without gelatin/ agaragar will the cheesecake set properly? Will it not be a jiggly one? Will it be firm enough to cut into slices? Waiting for your suggestion!


    1. Thank you so much. I have made this cheesecake many times and it sets beautifully each time. It does not turn jiggly if the ingredients measurements are taken properly and set overnight. But yes, after adding the mango pulp layer on top, you can’t cut into slices. That is why I have set it in bowls.

      My chocolate cheesecake however sets well and can be cut into slices as many of my readers have done so. You can check that recipe if want slices of cheesecake.

      Hope I have resolved your query. Do let me know if you have any more doubts. Will be a pleasure to help!


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