Ragi Butter Cookies | easy recipe using Jaggery

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The above picture is of “melt in the mouth” Ragi Butter cookies before two storms struck in 😅. Will come to that later. Right now, I just want to thank my school friend Anvy Susan Thomas who is a great baker ( I am her huge fan! 😍) for this amazing recipe of hers. She has an instagram page homemadebyanvy where she makes us drool with her delicious bakes.

As all of you know, I love baking and I bake atleast one kind of goodies everyday for my family (my daily dose of happiness ❤️). One of my regular bakes are these Ragi Butter cookies which turns out so good that you will never realize you are enjoying a healthy version of cookies. The kids are HUGE fans of it and you can see what I meant by storm strucking in. Here is my 5 year old daughter slowly coming in the frame to grab one of these cookies (storm no 1 😂).

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And when she gets her share, how could the little one be left far behind? Here is storm number 2, my two year old son grabbing the cookies. I loved their cute hands on the cookies that it became my favorite picture too. ❤️❤️

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These cookies are very easy to bake and turn out too good to be true. You won’t feel like getting cookies from outside once you bake them, that’s for sure. I always believe that it’s best we bake and make everything possible at home since we don’t know what kind of ingredients have gone in store bought ones.

Hence sharing one of my most favorite cookies. I whole heartedly thank my friend Anvy @homemadebyanvy for this recipe. Hope you all try it out too. Happy and healthy baking! ❤️


Ingredients: { 8 Cookies }

100 grams salted Butter (add a pinch of salt if using unsalted)

1/3 Cup powdered Jaggery

1/2 Cup Ragi flour or Finger millet powder

1/2 Cup Whole wheat flour or Atta

1/2 tsp Baking soda

Step by step recipe:

1. Soften butter by keeping it at room temperature for little time. (Do NOT melt it in microwave or so.) Just place it at room temperature till it turns soft. Now add jaggery and mix both together using a spatula till they combine.

2. Now sieve ragi flour, wheat flour and baking soda over it.

3. Using hands, mix everything well till it forms a dough like shown below. Refrigerate it for 15 to 20 mins.

4. Preheat the oven at 180 C (350 to 375 F) for 10 mins. Make small balls of this dough and flatten with your fingers (like making pedas). Make lines over it with knife as shown. Place over a greased (with butter or ghee) oven proof plate. Keep distance between them as they increase in width as they bake.

5. Bake in the center rack of your OTG or with both rods on if using a conventional mode oven at 180 C (350 – 375 F) for 10 to 12 mins. Mine gets done exactly at 12 mins. Each oven is different. So in some ovens it may take upto 20 mins for it to bake completely. The surface will be smooth to touch and will be dough free. Also will have a golden tinge on the edges.

6. Allow it to cool slightly and enjoy the cookies.


* They are very soft when they are right out of the oven but harden as they cool down. So do not keep a lot of time in the oven thinking the cookies are not done yet. Once the surface is free from dough and they are smooth to touch, they are ready to be removed from the oven.

* I used salted Butter for this recipe. Add a pinch of salt to the mixture if using unsalted butter.

* Also, don’t melt the butter. Just soften it by keeping it at room temperature.

* Refrigerating the dough is very important. Please don’t skip it.

* Place the cookies at little distance before baking as they increase in width as you can see from the pictures.

* Do grease the oven proof plate well with ghee or butter so that it does not stick to the plate.

* Bake in the center rack of your OTG or with both rods on if using a conventional mode oven. It is very important for even baking of the cookies.

* Mine gets done exactly at 12 mins. Might vary depending upon your oven. But don’t open the oven door before 8 mins into the baking time or else it will leave to uneven baking.

* Store in an air tight container at room temperature. Mine has never lasted beyond a day as my family finishes it off before that. 😀

* You may also want to try this Ragi chocolate cake which is my kid’s favourite (and her friends love it as well 😅). One of the most tried recipe by my readers.

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41 thoughts on “Ragi Butter Cookies | easy recipe using Jaggery”

  1. Does your friend take orders?I see she is in Dubai,my daughter resides there.My whole family are health conscious,no dairy,no sugar,no processed food.So I follow your recipes.Fond regards to you and your family.


    1. I will ask her and let you know. Yes, she is based in Dubai. Thank you for your kind words and regards. We too are very conscious about what goes in our diet. Glad you follow my recipes.


    2. I asked her and she said she does not take commercial orders. I am sure you can share this recipe with your daughter. It’s very easy and anyone can bake it easily. Do ask her to message me on my Facebook page or comment here if she has any doubts. Will be a pleasure to help! Regards to you and your family too. 🙂


  2. Will these biscuits too soft as recently tried and failed with biscuits recipe they turned too hard hence asking. Baked at 180 for 15 mins and in convention mode


    1. These come out very soft and melt in the mouth. These get done between 10 and 12 mins at 180 C. Do keep all the notes in mind, measure properly and do along with the step by step recipe pictures. They will come out well for sure. Also, you can message me on my Facebook page and I will help you if you have any doubts.


      1. Can I use Ghee Instead of Butter?
        And Can I Substitute Yeast for Baking Soda… Since Baking Soda Is Unhealthy… I prefer Yeast…
        But Since We’re Refrigerating… I don’t Know wither it’ll be Effective or Not…

        Please Share Some Natural Substitutes for These Chemical Basking Soda And Baking Powders…🙏

        Between… I accidentally Came Across your Recipies…and Liked Many of Them… Everything is Very Healthy and Simple… Except for this Baking Soda/Powder… Please Share an Effective Healthy Alternative…!😊🙏


      2. Thank you so much. Yes, you can use Ghee instead of butter. Regarding baking soda or powder, I make my Almond butter cookies without any of them. So you can try those cookies.

        With respect to using baking soda or powder in cakes and cookies, my aim is to bake at home instead of store bought when even more chemicals are used. You can skip baking soda or powder in cookies but using yeast instead is something I can’t comment on as I have used it yet.


    1. Hello, most of the cookie dough needs refrigeration for a while so that all the ingredients get some time to combine. Also it becomes easier to form cookies.


  3. Hey just now baked these Ragi cookies….must say it’s awesome super delicious….I always used to relish from a bakery which is famous for ragi biscuits..now the ones which I have baked now following your recipe outstands the bakery one..it’s just perfect..thanks a tonne for the recipe!!


  4. Hi.. I am looking for cookies recipes for my 8 month old baby.. can you please suggest some and also I do not have oven so if something can be steemed in cooker or idli stand.


  5. Hello!

    I recently found I am gluten intolerant.

    Love your recipes but need to modify for leaving out Wheat flour. What can I use instead?



    1. Hello, so sorry, I have not tried gluten free cookies yet. Though I have made Oats pizza and Falafel Flatbread which you can find on my site using the search option. They both are gluten free bakes.


    1. I have not baked these cookies in pressure cooker but if you are used to baking wheat cookies in cooker, you can bake it as well. Many of my readers have tried it and it has come out perfectly. Timing is around the same as oven time. Just keep an eye towards the end.


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