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Andhra Pesarattu with Allam Pachadi | Green Moong dosa with Ginger Chutney

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Yet another dosa on the blog, 33rd dosa recipe to add on to my collection – Dosa Corner. This time it’s a special recipe from Andhra Pradesh – Pesarattu or whole green gram dosa with a spicy, tangy chutney called Allam Pachadi. We had this for breakfast today and the flavours are still strong in my taste buds. ❤️

The basic recipe of Pesarattu is the same but many people make different additions to it, like top it with onions and carrots or fill it with upma to make Pesarattu Upma but this combination of plain Pesarattu with Allam Pachadi is what is loved the most by us. ❤️

Pesarattu is a great way to add the healthy green gram into your diet, specially if your kids love dosas. I make small dosas for my kids and they get attracted by the unique green colour of the dosas. ❤️

Hope you all try and love this dosa too. Happy and healthy cooking! ❤️


Ingredients: (1 Cup = 240 ml)

{ Makes 7 to 8 large dosas }

1 Cup Whole Green Moong / Green gram

2 Tbsp Rice flour/ Rice powder

2 tsp Jeera/ Cumin seeds

1 inch Ginger piece

1 to 2 Green chillies

A sprig of Curry leaves

Salt to taste

Step by step recipe:

1. Wash well and soak whole moong in a large bowl with atleast three times the water, overnight or for 8 hours.

Note: You can also soak for 4 to 6 hours but for me, soaking overnight works best as I make Pesarattu in the morning.

2. Drain the water completely. Add the soaked Moong to a mixer jar. Also add, chopped ginger, green chillies, curry leaves, cumin seeds, rice powder and salt.

3. Add water little by little and grind to a smooth paste.

Note: It took me about 1/2 Cup of water to get the right consistency of batter. See that that batter is not too thick nor too thin.

4. You can make dosas instantly. This dosa does not need fermentation. Now heat a dosa tawa and when it is hot, pour a ladle of dosa batter and spread into a large circle.

5. Cover and cook till the surface cooks. Add oil/ ghee on the edges and center of the dosa. Now flip and cook for half a minute.

6. Remove and serve hot. This dosa tastes best when hot from the tawa. Serve with Allam Pachadi.

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* Pesarattu is served with Allam Pachadi. You can check the recipe here – Allam Pachadi/ Ginger Chutney

* You can soak the whole moong for 4 to 6 hours also if you plan to make the dosas during day time. Soaking less time makes the dosa crispier. For me, soaking overnight works best, so I soak that way.

* Be careful while adding water while grinding the batter. Too much water will lead to a thin batter and you won’t be able to make dosas. Add water little by little while grinding.

* This dosa does not need fermentation of the batter. You can make dosas instantly.

* I add 2 Tbsp Rice flour. You can increase by 2 Tbsp of you like crisp dosas.

* This dosa batter does not taste as good after refrigeration. So best to make in small quantities and use rather than refrigerate. I use 1 Cup Moong to soak and I get 7 dosas which are sufficient for breakfast for us. My 1 Cup measures 240 ml.

* This dosa tastes best when had hot from the tawa.

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