Cabbage Aloo Sabzi

Cabbage Aloo sabzi is among my first memories of hotel food from Cochin when I was hardly 12 years old. Since both my parents were working, Saturday used to be our “eating out” night. Me and my brother used to wait eagerly for Saturday to get a break from home food (the value of which we realise now).

Anyhow, so daddy used to bring these soft rotis with delicious dal and lipsmacking cabbage aloo sabzi from a north indian dhaba style restaurant in a place called TD road which was near his office. I can never forget the flavours of roti with their dal and sabzi. It makes my mouth water even now.

Many years later, I make the sabzi with rotis as reminiscence of those childhood memories when even a simple meal from the small little restaurant would make our day. My husband likes this sabzi and asks it to be made whenever we buy cabbage. So here’s sharing the recipe. Happy and healthy cooking!



3 cups of chopped Cabbage

1 medium sized Potato, peeled and chopped

Red chilli powder to taste

Salt to taste

1 tsp Ghee or oil

1/2 tsp Cumin seeds

1/4 tsp Hing

1 Tbsp Lemon juice

Finely chopped coriander leaves for garnish

Step by step recipe:

1. Heat ghee or oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds and hing.

2. When cumin seeds change colour, add chopped Cabbage and potato. Mix well once.

3. Cover and cook on medium flame till half done. Don’t add water at all. Allow it to cook in its steam. When half done, add red chilli powder.

4. Cover and cook again on medium flame till done. If needed only, sprinkle little water. But I usually cook this without water.

5. Add lemon juice and garnish with coriander leaves. Done! Serve with rotis or rice.


* I have noted that if the cabbage is fresh, the curry does not need water at all while cooking. But as it turns old and dries, you may require little sprinkle of water while cooking. But minimal amount of water makes this dish very tasty.

* You can add garam masala powder if you feel the need, but we love this curry in its simple form with just the combination of cumin, hing, chilli powder and lemon with fresh coriander leaves.


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