Pudina Lehsun chutney | Mint garlic chutney

We are a dosa/ idli loving family as you already know and is evident from my Dosa corner and Idli stand pages. So we need to make different chutneys to go with it. Pudina lehsun chutney is one among them. You can check the other variety chutney recipes here.

My husband has grown mint in our garden and I always make use of it in our day to day dishes. Apart from chutney, I also add it to pulav, biryani, and salads which not only enhances the flavours of the dish but also improves digestion.

Lemon juice with crushed fresh mint leaves also tastes so refreshing. Anyhow here’s sharing the recipe. Hope you all try and love it too. Happy and healthy cooking!



1 Cup fresh/ desiccated Coconut

5 to 6 sprigs of Coriander leaves

8 to 10 Mint leaves

5 to 6 curry leaves

3 Green chillies

5 to 6 Garlic cloves

1 tsp Tamarind paste

Salt to taste

Step by step recipe:

1. Add all the ingredients mentioned above in a mixer blender.

2. Grind with little water to a smooth paste.

3. Serve with dosas or Idlis or with pulav.

I served this chutney as a combination with Instant Oats idlis.


* You can skip any of the leaves if you don’t have. It still tastes delicious.

* If you don’t like garlic, skip it and add onion and ginger instead. Tastes good too.


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