Matta Rice dosa | Surai Ukde polo

Has anyone noticed my Dosa Corner page? I have already updated 8 dosa varieties that I always make for my family. This Matta rice dosa or Surai Ukde polo as said in Konkani is our weekly once breakfast.

I can just eat it with butter and do not need any chutney with this dosa. The combination of Matta rice and coconut brings a unique aroma and flavour to the dosa.

Traditionally, when my grandmother or Amma made this dosa, they did not ferment it. They just ground the batter and used it instantly. I like to ferment the batter as not only it increases the health benefits but tastes more delicious as well.

So here’s sharing the recipe. Happy and healthy cooking!



1 Cup Matta rice/ Boiled rice/ Brown rice

1 Cup White rice (any variety of white rice)

3/4 Cup grated Coconut (fresh/ desiccated)

Salt to taste

Oil or ghee to cook the dosa

Step by step recipe:

1. Soak Matta rice and white rice together for about 8 hours. Matta rice takes a long time to soak. So soak atleast for 8 hours.

2. After soaking, drain the water and add to the mixer jar. Grind till half done.

3. Now add coconut and salt. Grind till it turns smooth. Pour into a vessel.

4. Ferment the batter overnight or for 8 hours. (Not required in traditional style but I love to ferment it as the taste is so much better when the batter is fermented.)

Does not rise but you can see bubbles in the batter when it’s fermented

5. Heat a dosa pan and spread a ladle of dosa batter slightly thick.

6. Cover and cook till the surface cooks. Then flip and cook for few more seconds till done.

Enjoy with butter or chutney!


* This is a traditional Konkani GSB dosa which does not require fermenting but I like to ferment the batter as it increases the health benefits as well as flavour.

* I soak the rice in the morning and grind the batter at night for breakfast the next day. It needs atleast 8 hours of soaking for the batter to turn smooth.

* This is the rice that I used for the dosa. It’s called Palakkadan Matta rice. This is also the rice we eat on a daily basis for our meal.


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