Cherry Jaggery Compote

In our weekly groceries, fruits are an important part as we all thrive on them for mid meal snacking. My kids love Apples, Bananas, Mangoes, Mandarins and Berries while I am a huge fan of Papaya. We also make sure we get our dose of Vitamin C by drinking orange juice everyday. So all these fruits are a regular in our place.

Now it’s the season of cherries here and we get them every week with our grocery. They are very sweet and we love to gobble them anytime. Just look at these beauties.

Apart from eating them as it is, my recipe finder of a husband saw that cherry compote can be made. So we made it just for a try with our favourite jaggery instead of sugar and fell in love with it. Now we buy cherries just to make this compote. It tastes so delicious that you can’t stop licking your fingers.

Hope you all try it if you get cherries in your place. Happy and healthy cooking!



1 1/2 Cups Cherries (whole and unseeded)

1/4 Cup Jaggery

1/4 Cup Water

Step by step recipe:

1. Remove seeds and stem from the cherries and halve it. Keep in a bowl aside.

2. Now add water and jaggery (1/4 Cup each) to a preferably non stick pan and allow to come to a boil. Let it boil for about 5 mins till it turns thick. Now add the halved cherries to this. Mix well.

3. Use a masher to mash the cherries slightly. Cook on medium flame.

4. Cook till it turns thick and the mixture leaves the sides of the pan.

5. Cool down and enjoy it as it is or over a toast or with Yogurt.


* Compote is actually served over cakes. We enjoy this compote as it is as a dessert or over a toast or with Yogurt.

* Compote is usually made with sugar but I love how yummy it tastes with jaggery. Also if you use pure jaggery, it is much healthier too.

* You can substitute cherries with other berries or ripe tomatoes but tomatoes need more cooking time.


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