Ridge gourd skin Chutney | Ghosale sheere Chutney & Ridge gourd Upkari

We amchis (GSB Konkanis) are famous for not wasting anything when it comes to food. We use every possible part of any vegetable while cooking. I have seen my grandmother and mother do it and follow the same. It is not only economical but is very healthy too.

One of the most used “taste from waste” in my kitchen is watermelon rind (the white part of watermelon) which many people throw away. But you can make these sweet and spongy dosas called Surnalis with it. Also lipsmacking Halwa with jaggery can be made with it.

This chutney is yet another amazing example of using up vegetable peels. The chutney from ridgegourd skin tastes so yummy that I used to literally beg my dad to bring it so that my mother could make this chutney.

I love it so much that I peel the skin a little thicker than normal so that I get more chutney than Upkari 😅. Here’s sharing how my grandmother and mother make this chutney. Hope you all try and love it too. Happy and healthy cooking!



Skin or peel of one long Ridge Gourd

2 tsp Ghee

1 tsp Cumin seeds/ Jeera

1/2 tsp Hing or Asafoetida

3 Green chillies

1 Cup fresh or desiccated Coconut

1 tsp Tamarind paste

Salt to taste

Step by step recipe:

1. Remove the peel or the ridges of the ridge gourd and cut into pieces.

Note: Cut the ridge gourd into small pieces too for the Upkari or stir fry. Will share the recipe in the notes.

2. Heat ghee in a pan and add cumin seeds and hing. When it changes colour, add green chillies and ridge gourd skin. Fry well till the skin cooks well.

3. Now add coconut and fry till it turns brown in colour. Remove and allow it to cool.

4. Grind with tamarind, salt and little water to a smooth paste. This is a thick chutney.


* My grandmother used to add couple of roasted Red chillies too to the chutney while grinding for extra flavour. I skip it so that it does not turn spicy for my kids.

* This is a thick chutney and along with Upkari makes an excellent combination with rice meals. You can enjoy with dosas too.

* I peel the ridge gourd little thick as I love this chutney. You can peel it thin if you are used to doing that way.

* For the Ridge Gourd Upkari, splutter mustard seeds in coconut oil. Add green chillies and the chopped ridge gourd. Add salt and cook without adding water till the pieces turn soft. Garnish with freshly grated coconut and remove from the flame.


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