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Easy to make, healthy and delicious sweet recipes |Ready in 15 mins sweets

I am in many Facebook food groups and it is now filled with people posting many varieties of sweets along with savories as they are all set to welcome the most favorite festival, Diwali. It makes my heart warm to see the enthusiasm and happiness of everyone in the groups. Many of the members have become so close to me that I feel like they are my own family. Their encouragement for a beginner like me is truly very overwhelming. Thank you to all my readers from food groups. ❤️

This is just a compilation of my easy sweet recipes for people who have not yet made any sweets and want to make atleast one to celebrate the occasion. These get ready in about 15 mins and are healthy along with being kid friendly too. So good for busy mommies like me. Hope you all try and like them.

Wishing all of you a very happy Diwali. May the festival of lights bring happiness in your lives. ❤️

Please click on the name or the picture for the recipe.

1. Easy Coconut Burfi: These are really easy to make which I learned from “The Konkani Saraswat Cookbook” by my dearest Asha Satish Philar mai. It was one of the first sweets that I learnt and even my 5 year old daughter knows to make it.

Recipe here: Easy Coconut Burfi

2. Microwave Mango Coconut ladoos: This is yet another easy recipe which I learned in my initial days of cooking. Hardly takes few minutes to make but tastes really amazing. Do try if you have mango pulp with you and you love coconut.

Recipe here: Microwave Mango Coconut ladoos

3. Jaggery Sheera: One of the most made sweet in my house as it is my family’s favorite. I used to make Sheera with sugar initially but switched to jaggery many years back and have never looked back. Tastes really delicious!

Recipe here: Jaggery Sheera

4. Dry fruit bites: These are sugar free and very tasty along with being very healthy too. My way to feed dry fruits to my kids which are very beneficial to their growing body if consumed regularly in limited quantity.

Recipe here: Dry fruit bites

5. Nendran Banana halwa with Jaggery: This is the easiest version of the halwa which gets ready within 15 mins. Many of my readers have tried and loved this. It is another way to feed this healthy banana to my kids who love this halwa.

Recipe here: Nendran Banana halwa with Jaggery

6. Mango Kesar pedas: The tastiest pedas you can ever make. Very easy too and gets ready within 15 mins. If you have mango pulp, do try this and you won’t regret it. I love how beautiful they look too.

Recipe here: Mango Kesar pedas

7. Dried Apricot Halwa: Something which I tried to finish off my apricots but came so delicious that this has become our favorite. Too easy to be true kind of recipe. Doesn’t it look royal too? 😀

Recipe here: Dried Apricot Halwa

8. Churmundo | Easy wheat flour jaggery ladoos: These are Konkani people’s all time favorite ladoos. I use jaggery instead of sugar though. Tastes so heavenly that we feel at loss of words when devouring them. So quick to make too.

Recipe here: Churmundo | Easy wheat flour jaggery ladoos

9. Peanut Jaggery ladoos: Needs only two ingredients and hardly takes about 10 mins to make. Very tasty and healthy ladoos too.

10. Til Jaggery Burfi : A very tasty, easy to make sweet made from sesame seeds and jaggery.

11. Ragi Jaggery ladoos: Soft, melt in the mouth delicious ladoos made with Ragi or finger millet and jaggery.

12. Poha Sheera – An easy to make unique sweet from rice flakes or beaten rice that I learnt to make recently which we all loved a lot. Tried and loved by my readers too.

13. Dry fruit Coconut Ladoos: These are a great way to add dry fruits in ladoo form in both your kids’ and your diet. Also free from sugar or jaggery as dates sweetens these ladoos perfectly.

These are the easiest sweet recipes that I have shared. You can check the rest of my healthy desserts like Jaggery Shrikhand, Peanut Ubbattis, Mango mousse, Chocolate Cheesecake, Desi Tiramisu, Bottlegourd jaggery halwa, etc on my Desserts page.

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Happy and healthy cooking! ❤️

Mango Kesar Peda | Easy Peda recipe

As our most prominent festival Navaratri is approaching, I decided to share some sweet recipes which I make regularly during festive occasions. One among them is this Mango Kesar peda which is our favourite (especially mine as I love mangoes and sweets. So this is a heaven made match for me ❤️❤️)

Navaratri during childhood meant pooja days in Kerala as books were kept in front of Goddess Saraswati for blessings and we would take it on the 10th day ie on Vijaya Dashami day. {I would actually be more happier that pooja days meant no school and no studies too. 😀😀}

After marriage, in my husband’s home, they follow satvik meals all through the 9 days of Navaratri and don’t eat onion or garlic. On Vijaya Dashami day, there is a family get together and we enjoy a “navve javan” or new meal meaning we are celebrating a new beginning. We prepare huge number of dishes and eat them together while chattering our hearts off. {Yes, they all are as talkative as me and I am their leader “Ammi” as they call me! 😀}

We usually take vacations to India during this time to be with the family during “navve javan”. This will be the first year we will be missing it due to Covid situation.

Anyhow, I hope to celebrate the Navaratri days and Vijaya Dashami by making sweets, enjoying simple satvik meals and most importantly remembering Goddess Durga in all her forms. Essentially, celebrate to remember that good always triumphs. So, never let your goodness diminish even in difficult times and keep praying.

So here is the recipe for the peda. Hope you all try and love it too. Happy cooking! Shubh Navaratri and Vijaya Dashami to all of you! 🙏


Ingredients: {Makes about 12 pedas}

1 1/2 Cups Milk Powder

1 Cup thick Mango Pulp (fresh or canned) * I use Mother’s recipe brand of Alphonso mango pulp

2 Tbsp Jaggery powder

1 Tbsp Ghee

1/4 tsp Cardamom powder (optional)

Saffron strands to garnish on top of the peda

{ I have doubled the measurements in the below pictures and hence the quantity seems so much. It yielded me 24 pedas.}

Step by step recipe:

1. Take milk powder, mango pulp and jaggery powder in a bowl.

2. Mix well using a spatula so that the mixture is free from lumps.

3. Heat ghee in a non stick pan and add this mixture. Keep the flame on medium.

4. Keep stirring on medium flame till the mixture starts to thicken and leaves the sides of the pan. Add cardamom powder and mix well. Takes about 8 to 10 mins.

5. Remove from the flame and allow it to cool completely. Take a small ball of the mixture and press between your palms to bring to the shape of the peda. If you find it difficult to shape them, grease your palms with ghee and they will come out well.

6. Repeat the same with the rest of the mixture. I also made some small pedas for my kids as it looks cute to them. Garnish with saffron strands.


* This ratio of ingredients lead to very soft pedas. If you like slightly harder pedas, then reduce mango pulp to 3/4 Cup instead of 1 Cup.

* The mixture will be very soft when hot. It will turn hard as it cools down. The pedas will harden as they are kept in room temperature.

* I refrigerate them in an airtight container so that they last well. They last well till 4 days if handled well. Mine got finished off by then.

* I have used both sweetened mango pulp and unsweetened ones to make this. Sweetened mango pulp does not need the addition of jaggery while unsweetened ones requires the little amount of jaggery powder.

* Be careful to stir the mixture on medium flame as high flame can burn the mixture.

* You can also add saffron strands into the mixture but I prefer to garnish as they look pretty.

Update: I am getting many messages about what other option is available for those who don’t have mango pulp. If mango pulp is not available, there is another peda which I make with milk powder and condensed milk. For 1 tin condensed milk ie 397 grams, mix 1 and 1/2 Cups milk powder. Heat ghee and add Kesar. Pour this mixture and cook till it leaves the sides of the pan. Then make pedas. Though it’s not as healthy, tastes very delicious. I have made this peda many times and it comes out perfect each time.