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Masala dosa

When I was newly married, I hardly knew about cooking blogs nor about food groups on facebook. I relied on asking Amma for recipes and cookbooks like the amchi favourite one by Jaya V Shenoy. I was also lucky to be gifted by few cookbooks by my grandmother’s sister whom I lovingly call Prafulla pachi. 😍

One among them is 99 Delightful dosas by Jayashree Prabhu. I have learned many dosas from the book and this masala dosa is one among them. Never had to try any other recipe for Masala dosa. Comes out perfect each time. 😊

I also take this post as an opportunity to thank my aunt Chandriakka and Prafulla pachi for gifting me many cookbooks during my newly married days. I still treasure them a lot. Thank you! ❀️

Sharing the recipe of masala dosa with all of you. Happy and healthy cooking!


Adapted from the cookbook: 99 Delightful dosas by Jayashree Prabhu


2 Cups raw white Rice

1/2 Cup Urad dal

1/2 Cup Mixed dals (any combination of toor dal, moong dal, chana dal, masoor dal)* check notes

1/2 Cup wheat Semolina/ Rava/ Sooji/ regular upma rava

1 Tbsp Oil

1 tsp Sugar

1/2 tsp Hing

Salt to taste

Oil or ghee to cook the dosa

Step by step recipe:

1. Wash well and soak rice along with urad dal and mixed dals for atleast 4 hours.

2. Drain the water and grind with little water to a fine paste.

3. Now add rava, oil, hing, sugar and salt.

4. Mix well so that no lumps are formed and keep for fermentation overnight or for 8 to 10 hours.

See how well the batter has fermented

5. Heat a pan and pour the batter in medium flame. Spread in a circle as big as you can.

Tip: Don’t make the flame high while spreading the dosa. Spread on medium flame and then increase the flame to high while cooking the dosa.

6. Cover and cook till the surface cooks. Add ghee or oil. Place the potato bhaji in the center of the dosa. Fold and serve. Repeat the same with the rest of the batter.


* You can add any varieties of dals in the mixed dals among chana dal, moong dal, toor dal and masoor dal. I add whichever is available in my pantry.

* For the bhaji,

# Pressure cook potatoes. Peel and mash them.

# Heat oil in a pan. Splutter mustard seeds. Add Jeera, hing, green chillies, fry little. Then add tumeric powder along with mashed potatoes.

# Add little water and salt. Cook till the mixture turns dry. Garnish with coriander leaves.

(You can also add sliced onions to this bhaji if desired)

* For making perfect dosas, always spread the dosas on medium flame, then make the flame high and cook till it till done.

* For crispy dosas, cook till the underside browns completely.

* I usually make simple coconut chutney with this dosa. Just grind together Coconut, ginger, green chillies with salt to a smooth paste. Season with mustard seeds and curry leaves spluttered in oil.

Instant Rava Dhokla

Dhokla is my husband’s favourite evening snack and that’s the first answer I get when I ask him what to make for snack time. The kids love dhokla very much too and I hardly get couple of pieces when I make it. Literally every bite is fought for. 😁

Soft and melt in the mouth, this recipe for dhokla has been a keeper for me and over the years, I have made it so many times that I can now make a good dhokla even in my dreams. πŸ˜… That’s the effect of being a foodie’s wife over the years with kids turning out to be foodies too.

The benefit of the three of them loving what I cook is it gets over so fast that I hardly get to eat it which has lead to my weight loss. I eat only what is necessary as compared to earlier when I got a major portion of what I cooked. My Amma will surely kill me for this. Like all mothers, she does not want me to lose weight πŸ™ˆ.

Anyhow, I can assure you Amma that I am eating as much as I need. Just that the kids make me run behind them so much that there is no chance of getting fat πŸ˜‚.

Hope you all try and love this dhokla as much as we do. Happy and healthy cooking! ❀️



1 Cup Rava/ Semolina/ Sooji

1 Cup Water

3/4 Cup Yogurt/ thick curd

2 Tbsp Oil

1 Tbsp Besan/ chickpea flour

2 tsp Eno fruit salt

1 tsp Sugar

1/2 tsp Turmeric powder/ Haldi

Salt to taste

For the seasoning:

1 tsp Oil

1/2 tsp Mustard seeds

1/2 tsp Cumin seeds/ Jeera

3 Green chillies

1 Tbsp Sugar

Salt to taste

2 to 3 Tbsp lemon juice (depending on how sour you like your dhokla)

1/4 Cup water

Few sprigs of coriander leaves and freshly grated coconut for garnish (optional)

Step by step recipe:

1. Take 1 Cup of semolina in a large bowl. Add 1 Cup water and 3/4 Cup yogurt. Mix well using a whisk.

2. Now add besan, salt, sugar, turmeric powder and oil. Mix again.

3. Add Eno fruit salt and mix well once.

4. Pour into a bowl which has been greased well with oil. Steam for 20 mins or till a knife inserted in the center comes out clear.

5. For the seasoning,

* Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds, cumin seeds. Add green chillies and fry for few seconds.

* Now take the seasoning off the pan and add 1/4 Cup water, sugar and salt. Mix well so that sugar dissolves.

* Squeeze lemon juice and mix.

6. Pour over the steamed dhokla. Let it rest for atleast 30 mins so that the seasoning is absorbed well by the dhokla sponge.

7. Cut into squares and serve.


* I serve this with mint chutney. Just grind mint leaves with little curd, ginger, green chillies and little coconut with salt. Add coriander leaves too if available. Grind till smooth. Tastes amazing with dhokla.

* The seasoning is very important in the dhokla flavour. Adjust sugar and lemon juice as per your taste. Please be sure to rest the dhokla atleast for 30 mins after pouring the seasoning.

* Eno fruit salt gives the dhokla it’s spongy texture. Though I have not tried this recipe without Eno, the usual substitute for Eno is equal amount of baking soda and lemon juice. So 2 tsp Eno equals 1 tsp baking soda plus 1 tsp lemon juice.

* Don’t add more water than mentioned or the dhokla won’t get the right texture. For 1 Cup semolina, 1 Cup water and 3/4 Cup thick curd gives it the right batter consistency.

* Be sure to insert a knife in the center to see if the dhokla has cooked properly after steaming.

* You can also steam this as Idlis. Just remove the Idlis in a large bowl and pour the seasoning and rest the Idlis till the liquid absorbs.

* The batter rises atleast double while steaming. So make sure to steam in a bowl in which the batter reaches only half of its height.

Instant Bread Pakoda toast

Even though I bake Whole wheat bread at home , there are times when we do order bread along with grocery if we feel like I need a break with all the cooking and baking. And when we do get bread from the stores, I make this toast as an evening snack and we all love it.

This is a healthier version of bread pakoda which is deep fried. Also, this batter has sugar in it as we love it with a hint of sweetness too.

Hope you all try and love it. I know how difficult it is to get a good healthy recipe idea for evening time. Hence sharing with all of you. Happy and healthy cooking!



4 Slices of bread

1/4 Cup Besan/ chickpea flour

1 Tbsp Rava/ Semolina/ Sooji

1 tsp Red chilli powder

1/4 tsp Turmeric powder

1/2 tsp Cumin seeds/ Jeera

2 tsp Sugar

Salt to taste

Oil to fry the toast

Step by step recipe:

1. Take Besan, rava, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, cumin seeds, sugar and salt in a bowl.

2. Add little water and mix till there is no lumps. DON’T add a lot of water at once as it will lead to lumps. Add little by little to make a smooth and slightly thick batter.

3. Heat little oil in a pan. Apply a spoon of this batter over bread and place it on the pan on the side where the batter is applied.

4. Now apply batter on the plain side as well.

5. Cook both sides on medium flame till they turn golden brown in colour.

6. Serve hot with ketchup.


* Don’t make the batter very thick nor thin. It’s should be spreadable but not runny.

* Also don’t spread the batter thick over the bread. Just a single layer would suffice. Else it won’t cook well and inside will have raw batter.

* This toast like all others is best enjoyed when hot.

* If you don’t like the flavour of besan too much, you can make the batter with equal amounts of besan and rava ( 2 Tbsp each).

Paneer Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji has to be one of my favourite chaats. I have so many memories of Pav bhaji eaten at various joints during our travels to Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Shimla, Gujarat and even in Singapore. I have to try pav bhaji from every place we visit.

While there is Mr husband who loves the pav bhaji I make so much that he never orders them when we eat out and sticks to bhel puri.

Anyhow, ever since I learned how to bake perfect Wheat pav at home, we have hardly had them from outside. Pav bhaji with homemade wheat pav is not only healthy but turns out amazingly delicious. Since we are a paneer loving family, I take it a notch higher and make Paneer Pav Bhaji.

Hope you all try it and love it too. Nothing like homemade food β™₯️ Happy and healthy cooking!


1 Cup dry/ fresh/ frozen Green peas (dried ones need to be soaked overnight)

1 Cup Cauliflower florets

1 medium sized Potato

1/2 Cup roughly chopped Carrot

2 Tbsp Butter

1 inch Ginger piece

3 cloves of Garlic

3 Green chillies

1 medium sized Onion

1/4 Cup finely chopped Capsicum

1 medium sized Tomato

1 tsp Red chilli powder or to taste

2 Tbsp Pav Bhaji Masala powder

1 Cup Paneer, cut into small cubes

4 Tbsp Coriander leaves

Salt to taste

1 tsp Lemon juice

For toppings, finely chopped onions, coriander leaves, lemon wedges, butter.

Step by step recipe:

1. Take peas, cauliflower, potato and carrot in a pressure cooker. Pressure cook till very soft.

2. Mash using a potato masher or a ladle till there are no big chunks of veggies. Keep aside.

3. Heat a pan with butter. Add finely chopped ginger, garlic and green chillies. Saute till they give out an aroma.

4. Add finely chopped onion. Fry till it turns translucent.

5. Add finely capsicum and fry for few seconds.

6. Add tomatoes and cook well.

7. Now add pav bhaji masala powder and red chilli powder. Fry till all water evaporates and the mixture turns out dry as shown.

8. Now add the mashed veggies and mix well. Add little water if the mixture is too dry. Allow it to come to a boil.

9. Add paneer cubes along with salt and cook for 5 more mins. After that, check for spices if needed. Add more pav bhaji masala or red chilli powder if needed.

10. Now add lemon juice and coriander leaves. Mix well. Done.

11. Serve along with pav and top with onions, coriander leaves and lemon wedges. Add more butter on top.


* You can skip paneer and make regular pav bhaji if you don’t like it but paneer Pav Bhaji is a delight for paneer lovers.

* Pav bhaji masala can be added as desired as per your taste buds. If unavailable, you can add any garam masala powder.

* Cook the veggies really well for a smooth texture of pav bhaji.

* Butter gives a wonderful flavour. So I recommend using butter to cook.

* I make Homemade wheat pav for pav bhaji. You can try too.

Muga Dali usli | Seasoned moong dal

Click on the image to save the recipe on Pinterest.

I love dishes that does not require much of chopping especially when the husband works extra hours and the kids are extra clingy. Chopping becomes very difficult when they are pulling my legs and pushing my hands.

But I am still hungry. What to do? Welcome muga dali usli or seasoned moong dal. Hardly takes 5 mins to dump everything into the pan, I can keep it on medium to low flame and go play with the kiddos.

After a while, healthy and delicious protein packed usli is ready for me to enjoy! How can I not love this usli! Hope you all enjoy too. Happy and healthy cooking!



2 Cups Moong dal

3 Green chillies

1 Tbsp Ghee or Oil

1/2 tsp Mustard seeds

1/2 tsp Cumin seeds

1/2 inch Ginger

A pinch of Hing/ Asafoetida

1/4 tsp Turmeric powder

1 tsp Sugar

Salt to taste

Freshly grated coconut for garnish

Step by step recipe:

1. Soak the moong dal for an hour if you have time. Else you can just wash well and use straight away.

2. Now heat a pan with ghee or oil. Splutter mustard seeds, cumin seeds and add hing.

3. Now add finely chopped ginger and green chillies. Fry for few seconds.

4. Now add the soaked moong dal along with tumeric powder,sugar, salt and enough water to cook the moong dal.

5. Cover and cook on medium flame till the moong dal cooks really well and turns soft.

6. Garnish with freshly grated coconut.

7. Serve hot!


* We like it mushy and over cooked. So I cook the moong dal till really soft and add a lot of water while cooking. If you don’t like it overcooked, remove when the dal is just cooked while adding only sufficient water when cooking.

* The seasoning is to taste. You can skip ginger if you don’t like it but I love the bite of ginger in this usli.

* I also add few peppercorns and curry leaves when I have it.

* Hing gives a very good flavour to the usli. So don’t skip it.

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