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Urad – Whole moong dosa and idli | “No rice” recipe

Some dishes may not look as appealing to the eyes but they are simply delicious. These whole moong idlis are the perfect example of that. They are not as pristine beautiful like regular idlis but taste so good and are very healthy too.

I got the idea of this recipe from my friend Ashwini Kulkarni who always sends me pictures and recipes of dosas that she makes for her “dosa loving” family (just like mine). She did not make idlis with it but I made them as my son is a huge fan of “iddis(as he calls them πŸ˜€). Since I planned to make idlis, I added methi seeds too to the batter and it made the idlis very soft.

This is a “no rice” recipe like many of my idli and dosa recipes. So it’s good for those who want to avoid rice in their diet. Hope you all try and love it too. Happy and healthy cooking!


Ingredients: {Gives 13 Idlis and about 6 dosas}

1 Cup Urad dal (I used split Urad dal)

1 Cup Whole moong / Green gram

1/2 Tbsp Methi / Fenugreek seeds

Salt to taste

Oil to grease the Idli plates and ghee to cook the dosa

Step by step recipe:

1. Take Urad dal, whole moong and methi in a bowl.

2. Wash well and soak in atleast double the amount of water for about 4 to 6 hours. Now drain the soaked water and add the soaked urad-moong-methi to the mixer.

3. Grind to a smooth paste. It took me 1 Cup water while grinding (this information is for people who ask me for water measurement). Pour in a large preferably steel vessel.

4. Keep covered at room temperature for fermentation overnight or for about 8 hours.

5. If making Idlis, add the batter to greased idli moulds.

6. Steam for 20 mins or till done.

7. If making dosas, heat a dosa pan and pour a ladle of the batter. Spread using the back of the ladle to circle shape.

8. Add ghee or oil to the dosa. Cook till the surface cooks. Then flip and cook for few seconds.

9. Serve both dosas and Idlis with a chutney of your choice.


* The whole moong might not grind fully but have little skin in the batter. That is okay.

* Cook the dosas only one side if you like soft dosas and cook both sides till crisp for crispy dosas.

* I served this with two kinds of chutney:

** Peanut Hing Chutney: Grind coconut with ginger, green chillies, hing powder, salt and skinned peanuts with little water to a smooth paste.

** Mint Coriander Chutney: Grind coconut with mint leaves, coriander leaves, curry leaves, green chillies, ginger and salt to a smooth paste. Add lemon juice over it.

Both these chutneys don’t need seasoning and goes well with Urad moong Idlis and dosas.


Horsegram Idlis | Kulitha idli

As a kid, I never liked many of the traditional Konkani recipes that my grandmother made and used to make a face at it. I loved bread for breakfast as compared to Idlis or dosas. My grandmother on the other hand used to make a face at bread and say “Is it even something eatable?” πŸ˜…

Now after about 15 years, I am in the same situation as hers. I don’t like store bought bread as much as I love Idlis and dosas. I love how filling, healthy, nutritious and delicious they are as compared to the bland bread (no offense Mr Bread 😁).

Coming to filling, these Horsegram Idlis are so filling that we don’t even need lunch the day I make these Idlis. It is so tasty too. My grandmother used to pour the batter in banana leaves in a large steamer called pedavan in Konkani and cut into wedges like a cake. I make them as regular Idlis though.

I want to share some health benefits of horsegram too. It is very high in iron, calcium and protein too. In fact, it has the highest calcium content among pulses and is one of the richest protein source for Vegetarians like us. Also, it is low in fat and slow digestive starch makes it ideal for diabetic and obese people.

Hope you all try these Idlis which are a “horsepower” of energy πŸ˜… (which is why horsegram is fed to race horses) . Happy and healthy cooking!


Ingredients: { Makes about 20 Idlis}

3/4 Cup Raw white rice

1/2 Cup Horsegram or Kulithu

1/2 Cup Urad dal

Salt to taste

Step by step recipe:

1. The first important step while making any dish with horsegram is to pick stones from it as even the good quality ones have stones in it. After that, wash well and soak horsegram along with Urad dal in a bowl. Soak rice in another vessel. Soaking time is 4 to 6 hours.

Check the number of stones below that I picked from 1/2 Cup Horsegram (between both the vessels). Don’t know if it is clear but kept it just to get you all an idea.

2. Now take the soaked Urad dal and horsegram to a mixer.

3. Grind to a smooth paste (it won’t be perfectly smooth due to horsegram but it should not be very coarse too) and pour into a large steel vessel. Also take the soaked rice to the mixer with little water.

4. Grind the rice to a slightly coarse paste and add to the horsegram-urad batter. Add salt and mix well.

5. You can make Idlis instantly with this batter. Add to idli plates and steam for 20 mins till done.

6. Or you can also ferment the batter overnight or for 6 to 8 hours and then steam for 20 mins. I prefer these Idlis more as they turn out softer.

Serve with a chutney of your choice. I have served with Hing Chutney.

Horsegram Idlis after the batter ferments overnight.


* These Idlis are usually made without fermenting as they turn soft even without fermentation process but I find fermentation gives even softer Idlis. So I keep the batter to ferment overnight.

* These Idlis are the ones that I made as soon as I ground the batter. They did turn out very tasty but not as soft as after the batter ferments.

Instant Horsegram Idlis

* They are traditionally served with hinga udhak (Asafoetida water with salt, chopped green chillies and coconut oil) but we love this Hing Chutney with these Idlis. I just grind coconut, green chillies, salt with hing powder and little water to a smooth paste.

Instant Cucumber Idlis | Thoushe idli

After the Undi with Piyava Gojju recipe which was viewed and tried by so many readers, I realised how much people love our traditional Konkani recipes. So I had to share these Cucumber Idlis or Thoushe Mudho as called in amchi households. They can be made instantly and are so tasty that you can’t stop eating them.

My grandmother and mother used to make them wrapped in banana leaves or turmeric leaves that has an aroma of its own. But since we don’t get them easily here, I make them in idli plates. Even then, while steaming these idlis, the whole house is filled with a heavenly aroma which stays for the whole day.

I love how our Indian breakfasts are so delicious yet healthy. I can never get satisfied by continental breakfasts. Those are for a day or two during vacations and then I am back to craving my Idlis, dosas, puri bhaji and upmas πŸ˜…. I am such an Indian food fan!

Hope you all try and love these Idlis as much we do. Happy and healthy cooking!


Ingredients: { Makes about 22 Idlis}

2 Cups Idli Rava or Rice Rava

1/2 Cup Desiccated coconut or freshly grated coconut

2 Cups grated Cucumber {check notes for details}

1 inch Ginger piece, grated

1 Green chilly or to taste

1 1/2 Cups Water

Salt to taste

Step by step recipe:

1. Keep the steamer or idli cooker ready with water on the stovetop to boil.

2. Wash the Rice rava well twice or thrice till it leaves clear water. Drain the water completely.

3. Add grated Cucumbers, grated ginger and chopped green chilly along with coconut and salt.

4. Mix well adding little by little as need to make a batter. It should be thick yet some water should be there so that the Idlis turn soft.

Note: It took me 1 and half cups of water to get it to right consistency since my cucumbers did not ooze much water. Water depends upon the variety of cucumbers.

5. Add to greased idli plate like I have shown. Leave a little water in each plate along with the idli rava mixture. This ensures you get soft Idlis.

6. Steam for 15 to 20 mins till a knife inserted in the center of the idli comes out clear. Allow to cool slightly.

7. Remove and serve with a chutney of your choice.


* Idli Rava or Rice rava is not regular upma rava which is made from wheat.

* I have used English Cucumbers which do not need peeling. I discard the sides and grate as it is. If using Indian cucumbers, do peel them.

* Green chilly can be increased as per taste or even skipped.

* You can also grind coconut, ginger and green chilly and add to the batter. I add as it is because I love the bite of ginger and green chilly in it.

* Do remember to leave a little water in each idli plate. It gives soft Idlis.

* If Idlis get leftover, just refrigerate in an airtight container. Microwave and it gets soft again.

* Drizzle a little coconut oil before serving these Idlis. Tastes heavenly!

* I served these Idlis with Coriander leaves- curry leaves chutney. For that, just grind coconut with ginger, green chillies, coriander leaves, curry leaves, salt and little water to a smooth paste. Season with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Mix well.

Instant Vermicelli Idli

When I was a child, the only Idlis I knew were the regular white Idlis my mother made and the horsegram Idlis, cucumber Idlis, jackfruit Idlis (kulitha idli, thoushe muddho, ponsa mudho in Konkani) which my grandmother made. These varieties are the only ones I remember apart from the amchi famous Khotto or idlis made in jackfruit leaves.

After I started blogging and kept on look out for variety of recipes, I started making Rava Idlis and other Idlis which don’t need rice at all. Here you can check all of them in my Idli Stand page.

Vermicelli idli was one among the first ones to be tried and loved. So I had to share this here. Its a unique but very tasty idli. Comes out super soft and spongy.

Hope you all try and like it too. Happy and healthy cooking!



1 Cup wheat Vermicelli (the regular variety which we use to make upma. Not super thin ones)

1 Cup wheat Semolina/ Rava/ Sooji

1 Cup Yogurt or thick Curd

About 3/4 Cup Water

1/2 Cup grated Carrots

1 tsp Eno fruit salt {*check notes for substitute}

Salt to taste

For seasoning:

2 tsp Oil

1/2 tsp Mustard seeds

1/2 tsp Cumin seeds or Jeera

1/2 tsp split Urad dal

Few broken Cashews

Step by step recipe:

1. Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds, add Jeera, urad dal and broken cashews. Fry little till cashews turn golden. Then add vermicelli and fry on medium flame till it changes colour and turns brown.

2. Now add rava and fry again till it turns light brown.

3. Switch off the flame now and allow it to cool down slightly. Add curd and water. Mix well.

4. Now add grated carrots and mix well. Add salt and Eno fruit salt. Mix well.

5. Steam immediately after adding Eno fruit salt. Steam for 20 mins or till done.

The white colour is due to my kitchen lights. These Idlis get a golden hue due to vermicelli and carrots.

6. Remove and serve with a chutney of your choice. I have served it with my Amma’s tomato chutney.


* 1 tsp Eno fruit salt can be substituted with 1/2 tsp Baking soda and 1/2 tsp Lemon juice.

* Steam immediately after adding Eno fruit salt.

* You can also make regular Instant Rava Idlis if you don’t have vermicelli.

* Grated carrots are optional but give a good bite and also increases the nutritional value.

* For 1 Cup Vermicelli and 1 Cup Rava, 1 Cup curds plus 3/4 Cup water gave perfect texture of the batter which is slightly thick. The amount of water depends upon the curd. Start with 1/2 Cup water and add more only if necessary. Don’t make the batter thin.

Mallige Idli

Mallige is Jasmine flower in Kannada and just like jasmine flowers, these idlis turn out pristine white, very soft and delicate. I have been using this recipe for making idlis since a long time and love how beautiful they turn out apart from being very soft.

My husband’s aunt too loves this recipe and follows it for making idlis. They live in a farm and have to feed workers when some farm work is going on. So these idlis come handy as they use less urad dal as compared to regular idlis, yet turn out super soft. So it is economic specially while making huge batches.

I have been lucky enough to get to stay in the farm for about 4 months right after my marriage while hubby had to go back to Qatar after his vacation. Those few months of living in the farm gave me a lifetime of lessons and beautiful memories. Some of them are:

* How to live life without internet or proper phone access and still it was super fun and I hardly used my phone except to talk with hubby or my mother.

* How beautiful it is to wake up to birds chirping amidst greenery and just sit looking at its beauty early in the morning.

* How to treat workers like our own family and feed them with love to their hearts content.

* Hubby’s aunt whom I lovingly call mhave is a very generous person and I learnt from her to never let any person who comes to our house leave empty stomach. The way they treat their guests is simply amazing.

All these and many more memories of living there are etched in my heart forever and I thank God for the unforgettable and precious experience.

Here’s sharing the idli recipe. Hope you all try and love it. Happy and healthy cooking!


Ingredients: { Makes about 26 Idlis}

2 Cups Idli Rava or Rice Rava or rice semolina [OR 1 Cup white Rice]

1/2 Cup Urad dal

1/2 Cup Poha or flattened rice or rice flakes or Aval

Salt to taste

Oil to grease the idli plates

Step by step recipe:

1. Soak the urad dal for about 4 hours in a large vessel.

Note: If using rice, soak rice too for 4 hours.

2. Grind to a fine paste. Add to the large (preferably) steel vessel.

3. Add washed Poha and rice rava in the mixer and grind for few minutes. Not to a fine paste. Just few pulses.

Note: If using rice, grind rice and Poha together to a slightly grainy paste so that it resembles rava texture.

4. Now add to the ground urad dal batter. Mix well with hands. Then keep for fermentation overnight or for 8 to 10 hours.

I had ground the batter with double the measurements. So kept in two large steel vessels just in case it spills after fermentation.

5. The fermented batter. Though it does not seem so, the batter had risen double the size and was perfect with air bubbles in it.

6. Put the batter in the greased idli moulds and steam for 20 minutes or till done.

Steaming hot super soft and spongy Idlis are ready!

7. Remove and serve with a chutney of your choice.


* I usually serve these Idlis with Raw Onion chutney and it makes a delicious combination. For the chutney, grind together about 1 Cup of coconut gratings with 3 to 4 Red chillies and 1 medium sized Onion and salt. Remove in a bowl and drizzle coconut oil. Mix well and serve. No need to heat the coconut oil.

* Idli rava is rice rava or rice semolina and not wheat semolina or rava that we use to make upma.

* Don’t add more idli rava than mentioned or the Idlis will turn slightly hard. The measurement is perfect to get the softest and spongiest Idlis.

* If you don’t have idli rava, just use rice instead as mentioned above in ingredients. I too use rice when I don’t get idli rava and the idlis turns out very soft.

*You can make super soft dosas too with this batter. When using idli rava in the batter, the dosas turn crispy. When using rice in the batter and if ground smooth, it gives really soft dosas.

Urad Moong dal idli | No rice idli

After my last posts of Moong sprouts and Oats dosa and Ragi Urad Idlis, I got many messages about how they loved that the recipes avoided rice and were so healthy along with being delicious too. That’s when I was reminded of this idli/dosa batter which I made regularly and did not require rice.

It is these Urad dal – Moong dal Idlis which turn out so soft, fluffy and tasty. I make Idlis the first day after fermentation and refrigerate the remaining batter. They make the crispiest dosas the next day (check notes for photo). I love how this batter sorts two days breakfast and the whole family loves it.

When kids and husband praise how yummy the breakfast tastes, it really makes me very happy and gives a beautiful start to the day. 😊 Hope you all try it and love it too. Happy and healthy cooking!


Ingredients: {Makes about 13 Idlis and 5 dosas}

1 Cup Urad dal

1 Cup Moong dal

Salt to taste

Step by step recipe:

1. Soak Urad dal and moong dal together for 4 hours.

2. Grind along with salt to a smooth paste.

3. Ferment the batter for 8 hours or overnight. It may need more time in cold weather. Here it’s summer and the batter ferments really well. This is after 10 hours of fermentation.

Love when the perfectly fermented batter welcomes me in the morning.

4. Grease the idli moulds very well with oil (it’s very important for these Idlis). Pour the batter and steam for 20 mins or till done.

5. Allow it to cool completely before you remove else it will stick to the idli moulds.

6. Serve with your favourite chutney.


* I usually soak double the measurement mentioned above. Made Idlis the first day and dosas the next day. Look how crispy the dosas turn out.

* After making Idlis, refrigerate the remaining batter.

* These Idlis tend to stick to the moulds if not greased properly. So grease the moulds very well with oil before adding the batter.

* Also cool before removing the steamed Idlis so that they come out neatly.

* Once steamed, they last soft the whole day.

* Normally this batter does not need fermentation but I noticed that they turn very soft and spongy after fermenting. So I keep them like regular dosa batter and ferment overnight.

Ragi Urad Idli | No rice idli

I have already posted Instant Ragi idlis that I make always. Even though it comes out soft, it has Eno fruit salt as an ingredient and I like to use it as less as possible. So those Idlis are kept for days when I forget to soak for idlis and dosas but still need to make a healthy breakfast for the family.

Ragi Urad Idlis are the ones I make always and it turns out soft and fluffy naturally without the need of Eno or soda. In fact the batter ferments so well that I am always scared if it will overflow and take great care to keep it in a very wide bowl with a plate underneath.

My kids love these Idlis very much and call it “chocolate” Idlis. The day I make them, they ask for it and eat it the whole day. So I steam and keep the whole batch for their idli demands. It remains soft even after 12 hours of steaming them. Such is the magic of naturally fermented foods.

Sharing the recipe which I have been following for years. Hope you all try and love it too. Happy and healthy cooking!


Ingredients: { Makes about 26 Idlis }

4 Cups Ragi flour/ finger millet flour/ nachni ka atta

1 Cup Urad dal

1/2 Cup thick or thin Poha/ flattened rice

1 tsp Methi / Fenugreek seeds

Salt to taste

Step by step recipe:

1. Wash well and soak urad dal with methi for 3 to 4 hours.

2. Drain the water and add the soaked urad dal and methi along with Poha and grind to a smooth batter. Pour into a large bowl.

3. Add Ragi flour and salt. Whisk well or mix with hands to remove lumps.

4. Keep this batter to ferment overnight or for atleast 8 hours.

Love how much this batter rises. More than thrice. So do keep it in a large bowl. Else batter might overflow outside the vessel.

5. Add in idli moulds. Steam for 20 mins or till done.


* When you add the ragi flour, make sure to whisk really well and the batter consistency should be slightly thicker than dosa batter consistency. So don’t add much water.

* Please remember that this batter rises very well. Atleast thrice its size. So keep it to ferment in a large bowl. Also keep a plate underneath to catch any overflow just in case.

* These Idlis taste the best with Peanut Onion Chutney.

Instant Ragi Idlis

I have already posted two varieties of instant Idlis, Instant Oats Idlis and Instant Rava idlis. This is the third variety, Instant Ragi Idlis. Since these Idlis use Eno fruit salt (which is equivalent to baking soda), I make any one of these variation only once a week as it is considered not as healthy compared to naturally fermented idlis.

My kids love these Ragi Idlis as I have called them chocolate Idlis since they were babies. Used to make their idli without Eno and still they loved it. So now whenever the idli steamer is up on the stove top, my daughter comes running to ask if it’s chocolate idli. 😁

So glad they both love Ragi. It is full of calcium and very good for bone health. Though not people’s favourite because of its colour and distinct flavour, we love this millet as we have been using it is our regular cooking since many years now. Ragi Chocolate cake is our favourite and also a hit among my readers. So many have tried and posted feedbacks that their kids too loved it.

Anyhow, hope you all love these Idlis too. Happy and healthy cooking!


Ingredients: { Makes about 12 to 14 Idlis}

1 Cup Ragi flour/ Finger millet flour

1 Cup Semolina/ Rava/ Sooji

1 Cup Curd

Salt to taste

1 tsp Eno fruit salt

Step by step recipe:

1. Take Sooji, ragi flour, curd and salt in a bowl. Add water little by little to make a thick batter whisking constantly to avoid lumps.

2. Add eno fruit salt to the batter and mix once.

3. Steam for 20 mins or till done.

Poke a knife to see if it is done. If the knife comes out clear, the Idlis are done.

4. We love these Idlis with Tomato chutney but you can make any chutney of your choice.

In the picture is shown Sambarpalli or ajwain leaves chutney. The colour of the chutney is not bright green as I have added only couple of leaves.


* These Idlis are made exactly like I make Instant Oats Idlis. I just substitute oats with ragi powder.

* Don’t make the idli batter very thick nor very thin. It should be thicker than regular dosa batter consistency. Else the Idlis won’t come out well.

* 1 tsp Eno fruit salt can be substituted with 1/2 tsp baking soda plus 1/2 tsp lemon juice.

Instant Rava Idli

I had not even heard of rava Idlis before marriage. For me, Idlis meant either the regular idlis or sweet/ plain Idlis that we konkanis call mudho. Rava idli came into the picture as I started going to hotels with hubby and I became a huge fan of these unique kind of Idlis.

Little did I know that it would be so easy to make them at home. One try and I have never ordered them in restaurants after that. Almost 9 years later, I can now make these Idlis even in my dreams πŸ˜€ and it is in our regular breakfast menu.

I am sure most of you must be knowing the recipe but this is for those like me who did not know about it. Even if it helps one, I will feel it’s worthwhile. Happy cooking!


Ingredients: (Makes around 8 to 10 Idlis)

1 Cup Rava / Sooji / Semolina

1/2 Cup Curd / Yogurt

1 tsp Oil

1/2 tsp Mustard seeds

1/2 tsp Cumin seeds/ Jeera

1/2 tsp split Urad dal

Few Cashews, chopped

Salt to taste

1 tsp Eno fruit salt (Substitute with 1/2 tsp baking soda + 1/2 tsp lemon juice)

Step by step recipe:

1. Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard seeds. Add cumin seeds, urad dal and cashews. Fry for few seconds.

2. Now add rava and fry on medium flame till it changes colour slightly and turns aromatic.

3. Immediately transfer to a bowl and allow it to cool.

4. Once cooled, add curd, salt and about 1/2 Cup water and mix well.

The consistency of the batter should be slightly thick to make good rava Idlis.

5. Now add eno fruit salt and mix once. Do not mix a lot. Just one even mix will do.

6. Put the batter into greased idli moulds and steam for 20 mins or till done.

7. Serve with a chutney of your choice or sambar.


* Don’t make the batter very thick nor thin. For 1 Cup rava, it took me 1/2 Cup curd and 1/2 Cup water to get the perfect batter.

* After adding Eno fruit salt, you must immediately steam the batter. The batter cannot be stored after adding Eno fruit salt.

* You can however fry the rava in the seasoning and store in the fridge or freezer. Add curd, salt, water, Eno fruit salt when making Idlis and steam.

* Allow the fried rava to cool before adding curd. Else it might form lumps.

* As already mentioned above, you can substitute 1 tsp Eno fruit salt with 1/2 tsp Baking soda plus 1/2 tsp lemon juice.

* You can also add grated carrots and coriander leaves to the batter, like I have added here.

Mixed dal Idli/ Dosa

In our house, we live on dosas and Idlis for breakfast. So anyday it’s either of these to kick-start our mornings. My kids love them instead of upma and poha. So I make these seasoned breakfast items only when I have a dosa batter in hand for them.

Mixed dal Idlis are very good for kids who don’t like dals in their “dal” form (like my kids). And it makes things easier when they love Idlis or dosas. High in protein and filled with nutrition, they are so soft and delicious that you will fall in love with them.

And this batter is very versatile. Apart from soft Idlis, you can make soft dosas or crispy dosas, the way your family likes them. That’s why these are my favourite. I grind the batter enough for two days. Make Idlis the first day and dosas the following day.

Hope you all try it too. Happy cooking!



1 Cup white Rice

1/2 Cup Urad dal

1/2 Cup Moong dal

1/2 Cup Toor dal

1/2 Cup Chana dal

Salt to taste

Oil to grease the idli stand

Note: Skip any dal if you don’t have. I usually don’t have chana dal. So I add 1 Cup Moong dal and 1/2 Cup Toor dal.

So basically 1 Cup rice. 1/2 Cup Urad dal and 1 1/2 Cups mixed dals.

Step by step recipe:

1. Wash well and soak the rice and dals together for 4 hours.

2. Drain the water and grind along with little water and salt to a fine paste.

3. Ferment this batter by keeping in a warm place for 8 hours or overnight. In cold places, it will take atleast 12 hours to ferment well to make soft Idlis.

The well fermented batter

4. Grease the idli plates very well with oil. Else the Idlis will stick to the pan since it’s a mixed dal Idli. Pour the batter into the plates.

5. Steam for 20 mins or till done.

6. Allow it to cool slightly before you remove the Idlis as else it will stick to the idli plates. Enjoy Idlis with chutney of your choice.

7. If making soft dosas, spread them thick and you will get dosas like these.

8. For making crispy dosas, spread them like regular dosas and cook till the underside turns brown and add ghee or oil to cook till it turns crisp.

See how crispy they turn out. My daughter loves these crispy dosas.


* As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t have any particular dal then just skip it and add 1 Cup of the other dal. Like

1 Cup Rice, 1/2 Cup Urad dal, 1 1/2 Cups of mixed dals.

This should be the ratio.

* For dosas, you need not ferment the batter so much. Even 6 hours will suffice but for Idlis, they should ferment really well for soft Idlis.

* I make Idlis the first day. Refrigerate the batter and make dosas the second day. So breakfast for two days sorted.

* Also, grease the idli plates well with oil before steaming and allow to cool a bit before removing the Idlis. Else they will stick to the plates.